It was the 5th of November when I first stepped into the Musem of London. On Guy Fawkes’ failure celebration, I was walking through the pictures that tell the story of the City from the Middle Ages to current time. A bell rung and I thought: “what a better occasion of living in London to go and explore it; to go and see who lives here; how many people coming from all over the planet come across each other, bump into each other every day without feeling the great potential of it?

So here I am, opening “allovertechnique”, a new blog to describe, explore and discuss the City, with an eye aimed at its multicultural settings. If you asked yourself about it, yes the name hints at Jackson Pollock’s art technique of spreading the colour all-over the canvas. Likewise, allovertechnique will travel over London trying to complete the puzzle putting the pieces together.

In the “what-I-do-in-the-meanwhile” section, I’ll keep you updated about my journalistic works in town.

Stay tuned, you’ll have fun!



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  1. I like girls with split ends says:

    U rock!
    Remember this

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